December Photo Challenge #Day12

Today I woke up next to the best person ever and it started my day off with a fair bit of joy if I do say so myself.

This made me think and came up with decision to use this as my photo for today, what better way to show joy than by a smile?


Ok so it’s a pretty cringeworthy photo and I have no makeup on but I’ve had an early start and a day at work, just got home and sat down with a cup of tea, the tv on and some candles lit.

Now all I need is my man back home and it’ll all have been a pretty nice and joyful day if I do say so myself!

Tomorrow’s theme calls for the old as only man in red himself Santa so I shall have to go searching I think!


December Photo Challenge #Day11

There is officially 14 days or 2 weeks left until Christmas!!!! And I still have things to do! And a tree and decorations to get put up.

But talking of trees that is the theme for today so of course my picture had to be of a Christmas tree right! Now as just mentioned I do not have one yet but No Fear! I spent the day with the mr’s family and this just so happened to include a trip to homebase and their winter wonderland section. Where I found this….


Maybe not your traditionally decorated tree but I enjoyed it much the same, and it still looked awesome. There was also a little singing dog in there which I really do think deserves it another visit, I may share a little video with you if I do 😉

Tomorrow’s theme is slightly different, joy many different ways it can be shown so here’s waiting to see what happens.

December Photo Challenge #Day10

Today brings with it the theme of ‘collection’ which, for me, could have many different possibilities. I could show you my ever-growing number of candles, my books, my nail polishes, etc etc but what with it being December and all I’ve decided on something more topical.


This is my at the moment dire collection of Christmas cards for the year. I am hoping it’ll improve slightly over the next couple of weeks!

Tomorrow calls for the one we’ve all been waiting for… the tree eek! We currently don’t have one let alone a decorated and pretty one so shall have to do some thinking AGAIN

December Photo Challenge #Day9

So I was quite looking forward to today’s theme as baking is one of the things I am slightly partial to in my spare time.

Today I have decided to not just have one picture, although I hope the final one looks quite good… but a series of them, along with the ‘recipe’ and step by step guide. I have to admit I’ve cheated slightly here…

What I Used

– Tesco Value Sponge Mix = 22p
– 1 Medium Egg = 15p approx
– 75ml Water
– Some Icing Sugar (I didn’t measure)
– Some More Water (3 table spoons)
– 2 Cake Trays
– 24 Cake Cases
– Hundreds and Thousands


What To Do

Preheat your oven to 200* and get your cake tin and cases ready

Empty the contents of the mix into a bowl and add an egg and 50ml of water


Mix this all together until it’s smooth, then add another 25ml of water and mix again. It should look like this once done, slightly runny


I then poured the mixture into a measuring jug because it makes pouring it into the cases so much easier! And voila.


Place your cakes into the oven and leave them for 15-20 minutes until they turn golden brown in colour.

Once done leave them on a cooling rack while you make the icing, simply mix some icing sugar with some water until you get the desired texture. NB you won’t need much water at all.


Ok, so my icing maybe ended up slightly runnier than I had aimed for so I have had to alter my plan and have gone for the ‘drizzled’ icing look and this is the final result



Not the prettiest cakes I’ve ever made it has to be said but the truth is in the pudding as the saying goes, and on this front the stand up and yep they taste a look better than they look!

Now tomorrow’s theme is collection so we shall see how that turns out…

December Photo Challenge #Day8

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post today’s theme of ‘holly’ was going to be a pretty hard one to complete due to the lack of it around here.

Unfortunately this has been the case and even after a trek out my search was fruitless so to speak.

Because of this I’m instead going to post a picture of the book I’m currently reading, I’m a chapter in so far, pretty much because of the front cover. And I know you shouldn’t

Judge a Book By It’s Cover

but how beautiful is that scene…?


Really would enjoy a scene even half like this where I live but unfortunately there’s not much in the way of it 😦

So I guess I should apologise for the lack of ‘holly’ but be sure that when and if hopefully I see a sprig of holly I shall be sure to capture it on film and share if with you all straight away!

I’m quite excited for tomorrow’s theme as it is none other but ‘Baking’ which I hope I should be able to accomplish fairly easily and happily. I shall also try to incorporate a recipe or such into it just for you all!

December Photo Challenge #Day7

All you need is love!

Yes that’s right, day 7 is with us and brings with it the theme of love, to be honest I had numerous different ideas of pictures that I could share with you today; me and the fella, the family etc but nope!

Today I have decided to share a picture showing off a few of the things I would say I love, let’s see how many I can fit in hey 😉


Ignore the microwave box at the front there, it contains many of the books that I have read over the past few months…

Besides that I have 4 candles on my little side table in a bakery themed scent because I really do enjoy the atmosphere that candles give to a room (I have literally just made my own candle from some left over, unburned wax so I shall save that up for after the new year!)

There is also the slowly growing stack of presents that have been wrapped because man do I enjoy Christmas, everyone is just so happy aren’t they!

The tv, at the time showing X Factor but currently I’m a Celeb, if it was This Morning it would have been better but hey ho 😉

There is also the little picture of me and the fella taken when we were first together so always puts that smile on my face.

Tomorrow I’m feeling a bit of a little trek coming on as the theme is ‘holly’ and I don’t recall seeing any in my local area as such *cries a little* here goes hey,

Hope your all enjoying the Christmas season so far!

December Photo Challenge #Day6

So the day of wreaths is upon us and I was slightly worried due to the fact that I personally don’t own a Christmas or any, for that matter wreath so knew that I would have to find one somewhere else for you all.

I could post up the photo of the two we have at work but they’re not so much wreaths as a few twigs intertwined so I have turned my search to Pinterest and have come up with, I think, am amazing idea.

This wreath below was found thanks to Christine Woods and contains the instructions on how to make this very simple, and very cheap Christmas wreath all by yourself.


Click here for the guides, thanks here must go to ‘Chic-Steals’ for sharing it with us.

I was hoping tomorrow’s theme ‘Love’ would fall on a day that me and the mister were together but it’s not happened that way 😥 so I’m going to go back to the drawing board and see what I can come up with. There may also be a little extra picture tomorrow for you all if I’m brave enough! 😉